Exploring the Ancient Empire

Exploring the Ancient Empire The history of the Kangra Valley is a long and complex one, dating back more than 3,500 years. As the centuries have gone by, and kingdoms have come and gone, layer upon layer of tradition and culture have been added to a land now steeped in legend. The many ancient and [...]

Secrets of Kangra Valley

About an hour’s drive from Dharamsala, through the majestic rolling hills of the valley, to the ancient and unique rock-cut temples at Masroor. One of only four of its kind in all of India, this monolithic[….]

Sacred Legends and Traditions

The first leg of the journey is a ride on the Kangra “Toy Train,” to Palampur, a town 50 kms from Kangra known for its lush tea gardens. The miniature, open-air train slowly winds its way through [….]

Monastic Life Beneath the Himalayas

Tibetan culture and Buddhism have become so inextricably linked over the centuries, that it is difficult to separate the two. The richness of the culture and religion, with its detailed symbology [….]