Secrets of Kangra Valley

An Excursion Deep into the Kangra Valley to Discover Its Hidden Treasures

Secrets of Kangra Valley

On this relaxing tour, let us take you deep into the Kangra Valley, well off the beaten path, and give you an authentic experience of the local area and culture. About an hour’s drive from Dharmsala, through the majestic rolling hills of the valley, to the ancient and unique rock-cut temples at Masroor. One of only four of its kind in all of India, this monolithic temple complex was carved completely from freestanding boulders.

Although it is not known exactly when this temple was built, art historians believe it was erected between the 6th and 8 th centuries. The many carvings and towers found throughout Masroor are a testament to the skill of the craftsmen at the time; chiseling a temple from a freestanding boulder is very difficult because the rock has its own composition, forcing the sculptor to improvise in order to accommodate the limitations of the material

Chiseled into the walls are various carvings of Hindu and Buddhist deities, and the large pool in front of the temple provides a stunning, crystal dear reflection of the entire complex. The main shrine contains idols of the Hindu deities Rama, his wife Sita, and brother Lakshmana. Locals strongly believe that the Pandavas, the great warrior cousins of Lord Krishna, who are featured prominently in the epic poem, the Mahabharata, built the temple.

Visitors can climb to the top of the temple, up steps worn smooth by centuries of footprints, and at the top catch a breath-taking view of the snow-peaked Dhauladar Range. Atop a hill in these incredible surroundings, we will serve a picnic lunch prepared by Norbulingka’s Norling Café.

From Masroor, we’ll take a half hour drive through the lush green fields and villages of the Kangra Valley to Tatwani Hot Spring, a well-kept local secret. The hot spring is enclosed within a quaint temple where perfectly temperate water flows into a small pool from the mouth of a lion carved from stone. Tatwani is a peaceful place of rustic beauty that will surely refresh your spirit. The warm water is rich with soothing minerals, believed to heal many ailments from aching muscles, to poor blood circulation, and even arthritis. After your bath, a dip in the nearby river provides the perfect way to cleanse the skin of its impurities.

Tour Details :

· This tour will leave around 10 am and return around 4 pm.
· Snacks and a picnic lunch will be provided.
· Appropriate swimwear in India is a bathing suit for men, shorts and a tee shirt for women.
· You may want to bring water-shoes or sandals for the river, as well as a towel.
· The hot springs is a very local experience and for the more adventurous at heart. The water is clean and flowing continuously, but is darker in colour, and there are no facilities for changing.
· The cost per person is 3000 Rs. and a group should be a minimum of two people.

Breathe in Historical Kangra

Please book at least one day in advance